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I am wearing pants. This is relevant to your interests.
Silver Script - Equestria Girls Style by DestinyProgenitor
Silver Script - Equestria Girls Style
It's been a while since I've done any art for the character Silver Script from my primary work over on FIMFiction, The Alchemist's Heart. I've always wanted to do her up in the Equestria Girls style for a while. Silver isn't some young punk who needs to wear her cutie mark on her human clothes, though. She knows who she is.

Some changes to the base character design of Silver are present in this. The eye-patch is probably the most notable one. That's not just a style choice for her human form.
It actually reflects a change that happens to her in the final chapter, pre-epilogue, neither of  which, at the time of this posting, have been released.
The other notable detail is the blond streaks. That much is a style choice, because let's face it, silver/gray hair would be boring otherwise.

Edit: I like how I'm seeing 'related art' pertaining to the Mystery Skulls Ghost music video showing up on this.

Secondary Edit/Image Update: I realized after posting this that I had forgotten something—the eyebrows—but couldn't get back to it right then. Fixed now.
I just realized that I haven't made a journal post since I wrote the third chapter of Displaced.

Here's a journal dedicated to vector graphics.
Thursday July 19 - 2:04 AM
Dear Princess Celestia,
Seven Fates

Anyway... Expect a vector and a base from me later today at some point, when I am sane.
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